How a Refrigerator Water Filter Works: Everything You Need To Know

Your fridge uses water to cool your food and flush out anything it doesn’t want to be in contact with. When your fridge uses too much water, it can cause the compressor to overheat and damage the device. To prevent this, you can add a water filter to your fridge. A refrigerator water filter will help purify your home’s tap water by filtering the incoming water before reaching the dispenser or the ice-maker.

This will allow your fridge to use less water while still being able to keep foods cold. You can also use a water filter in the shower or while taking a shower in a tub of softened water first to reduce the amount of chlorine in that water. Keep on reading to learn how a refrigerator water filter works.

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How Does a Refrigerator Water Filter Work?

Water passes through miles of piping before reaching your home. Hence, carrying along the way many impurities like pollutants from the air, pharmaceuticals flushed into water supplies, or waste from manufacturing plants.

A water filter for your fridge is a round porous chamber that allows a little of your water to flow through the water channels and collect in it. When the water enters this chamber, the holes in the chamber begin to clog. It does not collect all the water, and the water that can’t be collected flows through the holes and out of your fridge. You can turn the faucet on and run cold water through the filter. You can use the flow of cold water to force air into the water chamber. Then you can take the sponge and brush and wash away the rust. You will need to do this several times until you notice a change in the water quality, and you can take a shower or bathe normally. A carbon block inside the filter removes sediment from the water and reduces impurities like Chlorine, Asbestos, and Lead. The carbon block is incredibly porous, and its surface area will capture microscopic substances that are potentially harmful. In addition to making the water safer, the filter also improves the smell, taste of the water and ice being dispensed.

Note: A proper filtering system will be cleaned with vinegar and water twice a year. You will have to do this every few months.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Refrigerator Water Filter?

Vada Pure’s water filters will improve the safety and taste of your home’s tap water, but it has been tested that not all water filters work equally. Our water filters are NSF certified against all standards, making Vada Pure’s filters so effective at reducing microscopic contaminants. Because of the carbon block inside the filter removes sediment from the water and reduces all impurities and toxins (like Chlorine, Asbestos, and Lead). Moreover, one of the many advantages of our water filters is that they are easy to install and replace every 6 months.

To sum up the benefits of Vada Pure’s refrigerator water filters:

  • Certified to remove 99 percent of lead, this filter offers outstanding contaminant removal to protect you and your family from drinking contaminated water, which can affect your immune system.
  • Removes odor, offers clean, fresh-tasting water
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Replace only one time every 6 months
  • Extremely affordable, there is no need to break the bank to provide clean water to your family, which is a basic necessity in life.
  • Trusted by top brands like Samsung, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

No more need for you to worry about the water you are drinking if it’s safe and healthy to drink!

How To Install a Refrigerator Water Filter

Water filters are usually unique to every refrigerator model; you should be aware of the model number of your appliance before buying one to find the specific filter you need. If you are not sure about the model number, please reach out to us at, and one of our experts will assist you as soon as humanly possible.

A water filter will be hidden inside your refrigerator and is accessible with just a simple screwdriver or sometimes located at the bottom of your appliance behind the base grille. If applicable, it is suggested that you turn off the ice-maker before replacing the filter to prevent water from coming through the inlet line.

On some refrigerators, you might need to depress a tab to release a cover. Depending on your model, you can remove the old filter by rotating it counterclockwise, pushing the filter in firmly to disengage, or by pushing a release button.

Before installing your new water filter, remove the protected cap or caps from the inlet and outlet ports. If applicable, you may also need to transfer an end cover from the old filter to the new one, align the new filter with the housing and press it in firmly, or rotate it clockwise to lock it into place (if located on the inside of your fridge), close the cover if necessary and run water through the system for at least 3 minutes to flush out the lines before drinking, you can then turn the ice-maker on if applicable, and your new filter should be ready for use.

 There are also many different types of water filters you can choose from. The one that works best for your refrigerator will depend on how large your fridge is and the condition of your water pipes. Different types of water filters will be the best option for you. If you have older or smaller appliances, you may not need a water filter at all. Some things will always need a water filter: Fridges and washers can use quite a bit of water steam can build up while using a washer. You will want to make sure that any water softener you have is also using a water filter.

As soon as the carbon block inside the water filter becomes completely covered with contaminants, the water traveling through the filter becomes untreated, leaving you with polluted water à this is why refrigerator water filters should be replaced. Since the effectiveness and efficiency of the water filter will degrade over time, it is recommended to replace your filter with a new one at least every 6 months.

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When you buy a refrigerator water filter for your fridge, make sure that you have a plumbing and heating company licensed to install water filters in plumbing systems. This way, you can know what the filters look like and what they do. Having a professional water filter company install water filters for your system will be beneficial for many reasons, not the least. It will prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary filters. As with anything dangerous, it is best to be safe than sorry. As a matter of fact, many people are not aware that a water filter can ruin their water filter system. If you want to learn more about water filters and their benefits, check out the pages below.

To ensure you are getting a genuine water filter, get your water filter from Vada Pure for guaranteed performance and the highest water quality possible, or your money back!

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